Even more top Irish podcasts

Following on from my 2018 article (https://scealmilis.wordpress.com/2018/01/07/top-five-irish-podcasts/), I am taking a look at some of the best Irish podcasts around.

Up to 90 

Hosted by comedians Emma Doran and Julie Jay, Up to 90 looks at all things nineties. From Princess Diana to Michelle Smith, The Spice Girls to Courtney Love, and Friends to Fight Club, Up to 90 takes a look at some of the most iconic figures and pop-culture moments from the last decade of the twentieth century. Perfect for anyone looking for a wry, light-hearted dose of nostalgia.


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Double Love: The Sweet Valley High Podcast 

Probably one of the most unusual niche, and clever, ideas for a podcast ever. For those not familiar, Sweet Valley High was a series of highly popular, and highly problematic, young adult books published in the 1980s and ’90s. Following the lives of the blonde-haired, blue-green-eyed Wakefield twins and their fellow students at Sweet Valley High School, this Francine Pascal created series consists of more than 180 books. In Double Love, the hosts Karyn Moynihan and Anna Carey take a look at the strange, and often sinister, world of Sweet Valley High, one book at a time. Hilarious and highly entertaining, Double Love provides listeners with a chance to relive a childhood classic and explore the absurd world of the intelligent, straight-laced Elizabeth Wakefield and her wild, carefree, and probably borderline sociopathic, twin sister Jessica.


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Mens Rea

A much darker project that the other shows on this list, Mens Rea is a true-crime podcast that explores some of the most notorious crimes in recent Irish history. Fascinating and impeccably well-researched, Mens Rea takes an in-depth look at a wide range of crimes, police investigations and court cases, both in Ireland and abroad. Researched, written and produced by host Sinéad, Mens Rea is highly recommended for any fans of true crime.


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The Irish History Podcast 

Hosted by historian Fin Dwyer, The Irish History Podcast takes an in-depth look at often forgotten events and individuals in Irish history. Focusing mainly on medieval Ireland and the Great Famine of the nineteenth century, Dwyer explores the individual stories of the people and communities who lived during some of the most turbulent times in Irish history.


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Credit for cover photo to audioboom.com.


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