The lonely city in The Visitor by Maeve Brennan

About halfway through Maeve Brennan’s novella The Visitor, the author comments on the two worlds that exist within the landscape of a city. She distinguishes these two worlds by describing them as, the one with walls around it, meaning the private interior world of the home, and the one with people around it, which is the public... Continue Reading →

Even more top Irish podcasts

Following on from my 2018 article (, I am taking a look at some of the best Irish podcasts around. Up to 90  Hosted by comedians Emma Doran and Julie Jay, Up to 90 looks at all things nineties. From Princess Diana to Michelle Smith, The Spice Girls to Courtney Love, and Friends to Fight Club, Up to 90 takes... Continue Reading →

Best of American Horror Story

To mark the recent return of American Horror Story for its ninth season, entitled 1984, I have put together a quick list of some of my favourite episodes from previous seasons. Contains spoilers for seasons 1-8.   Season 1 (Murder House) Episode 9: Spooky Little Girl  American Horror Story is often at its strongest when the series incorporates real people and events... Continue Reading →

Homelessness and life on the periphery in Parked

In 2011, an independent Irish film entitled Parked debuted to somewhat mixed reviews and little attention. While many critics praised the strong performances in the film, its plot and pacing received a mixed response. It won awards and was well-reviewed at several international film festivals, but it didn't seem to get much attention at home. Overall the... Continue Reading →

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